Union Station, Los Angeles CA

Union Station, Los Angeles CA


I took this photo on a trip to the Golden Dragon Parade in LA’s Chinatown. This was among the first digital photos I’ve taken with my Casio Exilm EX-S10. It is not a professional camera but it takes nice photos, short movies is tiny and fun to use. This was also among the first photos I’ve uploaded to Flicker. The other day I got an email from Schmap saying this photo had made the ‘short list’ for photos of Union Station to be used in their Los Angeles Guide, publishing in late March 2009. No money, but a photo credit and link to my Flicker site! I hope they do use it, Union Station is one of my favorite places in LA and perhaps my love of this beautiful historic building comes through in the photo.

Update! The photo is up here

4 thoughts on “Love

  1. How did we not see each other this day!? We went through Union Station too. And congrats on the Scmap thing! I am in there for a sculpture in Minneapolis (the one with the spoon and the cherry) It’s a nice honor isn’t it?

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