Sleeping Mermaid

This is a scan of the original drawing done in Prismcolor pencil on paper (8×10″)
I reduced the size in Photoshop and then made some experiments with filter effects.
I’ve included the one I like best below this image (please scroll down). 



Below is the same scan using the Photoshop filter Poster Edges.






Untitled Fairy-tale (Prismacolor pencil on paper 9×11″)

Thanks go to Aric S. Queen for inspiration on the ‘spooky house’ (from one of his photos).













I’m kinda working backwards here as the sketch appeared before a story is written.

If you have title/story ideas please leave them in the comments,
I’d love to hear them!

“April is the cruelest month…” TS Eliot

Yes, April is National Poetry Month.
I wrote this last November, now that spring
is here I’ve decided to give it some sunshine.



Springtime in Space


The point is not lost on me
in the vacuum and permafrost.
I know spring will not touch
this frozen shore.

Heart you have and guard it well,
in a moment of sadness do not dwell.
For you are a favorite son.
You are also a lock. A key. A door!

Open your soul in the frosty kiss
of a winters night.
So near to my heart you are,
yet so far from my sight.
And your name is a love
that I cannot fight.
Irony is, you are the one
who gave me the strength
and the right.

Through your eyes
I know wonder and grace.
Under your feet the world has
become a small beautiful place.
Soon your footsteps
with my own I’ll trace.
Together, apart we’ll pass
the springtime in space.

Restructuring, Re: Generations.

re-generations I heard this album playing whilst sitting in Barnes & Noble (bookstore, yes they still have them). I was sitting in a comfy chair trying to decide which Seth Godin book would help me to be extraordinary. Make me sneeze-worthy or at least a sneezer.

First off I came to the sad realization that I’m as far from the sneeze as possible, I’m a laggard on the tail end of the curve. Okay no big surprise there. I’m also in a deep Dip. Possibly even the dreaded Cul-de-Sac. Aside from these woes I extracted myself from the coveted, extremely saggy chair and made it down to the CD department (yes they still have them too). I had to find out what was this music that was twisting “my kidneys free inside”.

Nat King Cole passed in 1965 but this is the first album of his music that I’ve owned, which again puts me at the tail end of the curve. However, this album just came out on March 10th, ah-choo! Thirteen classics re-mixed & re-generated into brilliant collaborations with great contemporary artists featuring Latin, Caribbean, Jazz and Hip/Hop styles. Also included is Straighten Up and Fly Right a duet with daughter Natalie mixed by

This album may not get me through the Dip but I’m sure grooving out
in the Cul-de-Sac.