I Wanna Be Your Monster

I Wanna Be Your Monster

I wanna be your monster
– your undead lover.
Lay me on your slab
– not undercover.
Up in your lab
– I’ll be the best monster
– you’ve ever had.

True my bolts are rusty
– and my stitches itch.
That’s nothing my good
– mad doctor can’t fix.
Strap on the electrodes
– flip the switch
– turn up the voltage
– till I jerk and twitch.

Thunder in your ears
– lightning in the sky.
The castle is on fire
– but my love won’t die.
Pitchforks and torches
– as the flame scorches.
Escape I cannot allow
– – I’m your monster now.




 In absentia.

 I wonder how much you
 How much do you reject?
 What is your filter?

 My whole life has been
   a screen.
 Gauzy. A haze. Inside. Out.

 Along the way, transparency
   had a cost.
 Sanity. Security. Self.
 I can no longer share.
 Though I want to.




the beginning

go back to the beginning

to the seed

back to origin

membrane cracking

moisture filling veins

tendrils reaching

sun is the limit

the clouds in between

earth is home

back to the beginning

blood, flesh and bone

the beauty is receiving

measured and careful

the steps on her surface

ancient and alone

hollow unless revealed

by going back

to the beginning



The photos above are ones I took of the now famous Kogi BBQ truck. The roving Korean BBQ taco truck beloved by LA hipsters, drunkards and foodies alike. But this entry is not about Kogi BBQ. 

The evening these photos were taken my good friend Berit and I had gone to see Jason Luckett perform songs from his new album MMIX, at Genghis Cohen. But this entry is not about Jason, his considerable talent as a singer/songwriter or his outrageously curly hair.


LA formal wear

After the show we decided to walk, window shop, then go for coffee. Somehow we ended up on the one street in West LA with no late night coffee house. Nothing was open not even a Starbucks. But this entry is not about coffee or the lack thereof. 

I bemoaned not having an iPhone. If I had an iPhone we could locate a cool place and call to see if they’re open. Berit said “Then you’ll be like everyone else, Twittering all the time.”

Twitter you say? I then related a story about a meeting I had attended a few months back where the discussion was about new media platforms and how to use them to grow a client’s business. One woman said she didn’t really understand how Twitter could be used in marketing. Now I’m not much for speaking up in meetings but I volunteered what I’d heard about the Kogi BBQ truck. I said “because they are mobile and change locations frequently they use Twitter to let followers know where they are going to be on a real time basis.” Instead of people saying “Wow that’s interesting, thanks for sharing” my contribution to the discussion was met with laughter and questions like “Have you eaten there?” and “Do you like Korean food?” Well what was I expecting? I’m an artist Jim, not a marketing genius.

Berit wondered if perhaps I’d not expressed myself clearly. It’s true, I am terrible at public speaking but I’d thought since the subject of the meeting had been new media platforms and not food… It was a little more than a month after that meeting that Twitter co-founder Evan Williams, gave a TED talk about companies who had successfully used Tweets in marketing their business. One example he cited was…uh huh… KOGI BBQ. Maybe this post is just about my infantile need to say “told ya so.” 

Or maybe I’ve fooled you and this post is really all about the Kogi.


@The Brig

Still looking for coffee as we drove on and talked. We took La Brea to Venice. Then ended up turning onto Abbot Kinney and there parked outside of The Brig… was the Kogi BBQ truck! It was magical. And so much fun, the long line was like a party. Everyone taking pictures of the truck, friends in front of the truck and the food. If you go to Flicker you’ll see how many photos of the Kogi BBQ truck have been posted – it’s incredible.


the line


We each ordered one taco.
Berit had tofu, I had beef.
They were delicious!