eyes, lips, revealed

it is spring. some bug has bit me, which in no way excuses the following…

eyes, lips, revealed

i have never seen so many eyes.
so many lips.

lips that want to be kissed.
eyes closed then kissed open.

eyes round. round and down.
into the ground.

eyes that want to fly,
fly into the sky. up.

doors closed are now open.
opened up.

a new smile is reveled.
and then removed [sigh]
such is life.

again [sigh]

so many eyes…
and then,
opened again.
and again.





 In absentia.

 I wonder how much you
 How much do you reject?
 What is your filter?

 My whole life has been
   a screen.
 Gauzy. A haze. Inside. Out.

 Along the way, transparency
   had a cost.
 Sanity. Security. Self.
 I can no longer share.
 Though I want to.




the beginning

go back to the beginning

to the seed

back to origin

membrane cracking

moisture filling veins

tendrils reaching

sun is the limit

the clouds in between

earth is home

back to the beginning

blood, flesh and bone

the beauty is receiving

measured and careful

the steps on her surface

ancient and alone

hollow unless revealed

by going back

to the beginning