Photoshop Work


Leafy Sea Dragon Lady



Tropical Rainbow Sprite



Le Jazz Hot, So Cool, Baby!

Animated GIF & paint over portraits done in Adobe Photoshop.


Green Parrot

Green ParrotI love to see and hear the flocks of wild green parrots.
They take to the air each morning and at sunset to do battle
with crows in the palm trees over Long Beach, CA.
various permanent markers & sharpies on tinted paper (orig. 4.5×6″)


“Trail” for Illustration Friday

John Horse

John Horse


I Googled the word trail and “Trail of  Tears” came up as one of the search results.
Of course I had studied the subject in history class many years ago but did not remember that one of the displaced Native American peoples had been the Seminole of Florida.

Further I had not realized the role Black Seminoles played in shaping American history. Then I read the story of John Horse and his incredible journey to find place of peace and freedom for his people.

Perhaps this is a loose reference to the theme ‘trail’ for Illustration Friday but I got a bit obsessed by this story and wanted to illustrate and share it here. Click on the links to explore the trail of John Horse.
The above illustration is digital and was made in Photoshop.
Thanks for looking!


the bird lovers

watercolor and prisma pencil


eyes, lips, revealed

it is spring. some bug has bit me, which in no way excuses the following…

eyes, lips, revealed

i have never seen so many eyes.
so many lips.

lips that want to be kissed.
eyes closed then kissed open.

eyes round. round and down.
into the ground.

eyes that want to fly,
fly into the sky. up.

doors closed are now open.
opened up.

a new smile is reveled.
and then removed [sigh]
such is life.

again [sigh]

so many eyes…
and then,
opened again.
and again.



Egg Chick